How to reset HP BIOS (incl. UEFI) password

In order to reset the HP BIOS password, you will need BiosConfigUtility from HP. BiosCOonfigUtility is part of SSM (System Software Manager) and you can download it from here. Once You download sp52095.exe, install it and then navigate to the installation folder in Command Prompt (C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\SSM) and run the following command:

biosconfigutility /nspwd: "Password"

Please note that the quotes must be used, while the password is the actual word between the quotes!

Once the password is successfully changed, you will be presented with a success message “Successfully Modified the Setup Password”. You can then enter the BIOS by pressing F10 and using the BIOS Administrator account. From there you can administer BIOS users and TPM.

Please note that you will receive an error if you attempt to set the password as 12345 or 00000

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